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Frequenty Asked Questions

How are trending values calculated?

Because market values are changing constantly and often very drastically, the trending values are typically based soley on RECENT sales, usually within the previous 7 days, not 30, 60, or even 90 days in the past like other appraisers. This gives collectors like you the most reasonable and reliable value of your collection at the current time, especially with a volatile market. Only if an item has too few recent datapoints do we extend the time period to include a larger sample size in order to make an accurate value calculation. We are constantly monitoring and tweaking the trending value algorithm to improve its precision.

How often is data updated?

All product value data is updated at least once per day.

Are you planning on adding other Funko products?

Yes, we do plan on adding other popular Funko lines in the future. Currently our time is tied up with developing the native mobile apps and new features for all platforms. We are prioritizing feature development and adding the other Funko lines based on community request. Feel free to send us a message with what new features or lines you would like to see added first!